April 6, 2019

Best 12-inch Sub Woofers

Want to make your car a better place to hang out at? Simple, replace your average car subwoofers with 12-inch subwoofers. Taking your game to a higher level by getting your car an audio system which is to par with your love for your car. The high-quality speakers would not only give you a better sound but will also make it more enjoyable. The bigger car speakers of the likes of 6X9s are famous for providing a great deal of bass but there is always a limit to performance. It is defined by a lot of factors such as built, price range and the quality of elements used in its making. There is also a limit on the bass an 8-inch or a 10-inch subwoofer can give out.

If you have used these smaller ones in the past, now is the time to graduate to the bigger and better subwoofers which cover a larger scale, heavier bass and just best quality sound you always dreamt about.

If you are researching the options in the market, you have come to the right place. In this article, we would be comparing and contrasting the 5 best subwoofers available in the market so you may choose the best one to suit your needs.

1. Planet Audio AC12D – Best for Sealed Box

Before we jump right into discussing various facets of the equipment, let’s take a quick look at some quick highlights:

Let’s look at its features in more detail:

The AC12D boasts of a polypropylene injection cone with foam surround. Both together result in enhanced audio quality. The combination is epic and they deliver nothing less than an improvised quality of sound booming in your car.

Anyone wanting to upgrade your car music system to a premium one, pick up AC12D. It will give you an extra oomph in your trunk. The dual voice coil enables it to deliver an extra punch at all volume levels. Not to mention the high RMS of 900W which enhances your bass performance. It allows you to play this speaker at high watts for extended periods of time.

By far the best quality of this subwoofer is that it can thrive in any setup enclosure, ported or sealed. It depends on the bass you prefer. If you are looking for a greater SPL output with thumping bass, better fit the sub in a ported box with an amplifier that has a subsonic filter. Or if you rather prefer a solid, tight bass, a sealed box would be better.

No matter which car you have, this beautiful piece will fit right in. The small size and a resonance frequency of 32 Hz enable it for the same purpose.


  • As compared to other options available in the market, the AC12D has higher power handling capacity.
  • Gives exceptional low-end frequencies
  • Small and lightweight
  • Provides exceptional sonic value for the price it comes at.
  • Works with ported and sealed enclosures.


  • Comes with somewhat lower sensitivity as compared to other subs

Verdict: This sub is loaded with features and you certainly do not need to have special skills to install it. If you wish to rule the bass world, this is among the best 12-inch subwoofers. 

2. Pyle PLPW12D

Pyle is a trusted name when it comes to electronics. The brand has also introduced quite a range of car audio market. We found the collection to be rich, of high quality and exquisite which will enrich your media experience while you are driving in your car. Today, we will talk about the PLPW12D, built with revolutionizing technology which has taken the market by storm. The 1600W dual 4-ohm sub will enhance your car stereo sound experience.

Let’s look at its features in more detail:

The Pyle is known for its loud and powerful sound. The power handling of 800w RMS makes it very clear where it gets its power from and uses it to the best performance. All other technical features such as 90dB sensitivity, double layer 4 Ohm voice coil & 60 Oz magnet make the exceptional recipe for amazing sound and great lows at higher volumes.

Pyle PLPW12D sports a non-press paper cone that boosts its audio performance and produces crystal clear sound free of any kind of distortion.

The speaker construction is one amazing work of design. It is constructed in such a manner it works with the paper cone and delivers high-quality bass and overall sound. The foam surround ensures the durability of the sound for a longer term.

We would say the best feature is the basket. The durable and reliable steel basket enables the sub to be installed anywhere ease. It also offers protection to the interior of the sub.


  • Sound quality is exceptional.
  • Build and construction of the sub is outstanding.
  • The overall product quality is better than most other products available in the market.


  • The price could be one factor. It is expensive as compared with the other options
  • Though they produce high-quality sounds, paper cones do not show the same level of durability.
  • Usually requires the help of an expert

Verdict: It’s a great addition to the stereo or a good first time buy. The drivers and the co-passengers would love the drive with this sub in place. The intelligent design and product quality lend it some extra leverage.

3. American Bass XFL1244

If you are looking for a smaller sub to add the much-needed punch to your stereo system, we have another contender.

The American Bass XFL1244 was designed and built for the people who do not understand the word compromise when buying subwoofers. Its super strong construction and amazing sonic capabilities secured its position in the best subs of 2019. You can understand its performance quality because even the most serious sound enthusiasts swear by it.

Let’s look at its features in more detail:

It is one of the heaviest subs available in the market that tells a story of its own. You cannot have a sub that heavy which does not produce exceptional bass. American Bass wouldn’t put bass in their name if they weren’t up for making a mark in this domain. The sub weighs somewhere around 35 pounds.

The 1000W RMS enables it to take an exceptional amount of power which combined with other relevant features confirm reliable bass production. This sub is best known for its low and loud bass notes, it holds a promise of exceptional audio performance.

This is one of the most robust and strong subwoofer design in this model. An aluminum coil is strung up to a 3-layer progressive spider which further connects to the suspension. Then, the spider diameters are attached to the woofer frame through a synthetic spider landing. You may only find such a design in the best performing subs such as that of American Bass.

A continuous power handling of 1000W is superlative and needs a proper channel for heat handling. This model uses a 3-inch copper coil wound on an anodized former for heat dissipation.


  • The magnet is weighs 220-oz. It produces high energy and powerful sounds.
  • The build and construction is heavy duty
  • Able to handle continuous high power
  • Produces clear and loud sound
  • It is perfect for installation in smaller spaces owing to its super tiny shape & size.


  • Freezes to play when it is played under excessive power limits
  • Not easy to install. Might need expert help
  • It does not come with its own enclosure and you will have to spend a few extra bucks for the same.

Verdict: We think; this is the best-placed sub in this price range too. So if you do not want to spend a load of money but still want a sub which possesses high power handling and has above average sonic performance, this would be your ideal choice.

4. Audiopipe TXX-BD2-12

The Audiopipe TXX-BD2-12 subwoofer is featured on this list because of its pocket-friendly price and good performance. We have experienced that the 750W RMS is more than enough to produce good bass for all the music lovers out there. The sub is loaded with mesmerizing features, such as, it has a wider frequency range, and quite an enhanced durability confirms its place in best subs of 2019.

Let’s look at its features in more detail:

The Audiopipe TXX-BD2-12 is built for the audiophiles. It produces nothing but the best bass you ever experienced. With 750W RMS and 1550W power rating, this sub is hell bent to produce heavy hits.

How often does it happen that you come across a steal of a deal? By that we mean, a subwoofer which has high-quality construction, is reliable and also fits in your budget. Well, do not worry. The Audiopipe is one such sub. With 150-Oz double stacked strontium magnet and 2.5-inch dual 4-Ohm voice coils are fit into the system to give out the clean and detailed sound.

Audiopipe is the only sub which has such a high-frequency range. It pushes the frequency further lower for the deeper bass notes. The impressive 20-900 Hz is the key reason behind its capability how low it can take the bass notes. If you find the perfect enclosure to go with it, you are in for an alive and kicking stereo experience.

The looks, the feel and the construct hold a promise of higher durability complemented by elegant looks. It has a powdered black aluminum basket which adds not only an extra oomph factor to the looks but also enhances its durability. So, Audiopipe not only increases your car stereo experience but also uplifts your car’s looks.


  • Able to handle exceptional power levels.
  • Produces amazing loud audio
  • Pushes out quite a deep and clear bass
  • Built with best in the class materials
  • Exceptionally good looks


  • Does not come with an enclosure. Finding a fitting option is a task
  • Doing the wiring for the sub is challenging
  • May not perform that well at deep lows

Verdict: Audiopipe TXX-BD2-12 is a very good investment for all the music lovers. Along with giving a high performance, it would also not burn a deep hole in your pocket, which is the most favorable thing. You may have to spend a little extra money and time researching for the ideal enclosure for the sub.

5. Skar Audio EVL-12 D2

You know that feeling when you feel nothing better can ever be made than what is existing and then some marvelous company introduces an even better product and you can just feel exhilarated about it. This is the same story happened with our last sub of the list. We thought we had measured the length and breadth in the bass space and nothing new can beat the charts but then Skar Audio introduced EVL-12D2 in the market. And what a beauty it is. The Skar features a long list of features which makes it a unique authority in the bass space.

Let’s look at its features in more detail:

This sub is powerful enough which can even blow the roof of your car. Well, just figuratively. What else would you rather do with a 2500W of power handling? We would suggest you test and stretch its limits and check how far it can go in its performance.

With great power comes great heating. Wouldn’t you want to know how well it handles the heat being generated by such high power? The EVL-12 D2 remains cool even during the extended high power audio performances. All this is possible only because of the 4-layer aluminum voice coil and its high tech advanced cooling design.

You would wonder how EVL-12 D2 produces a flawless bass response. The answer hides in its signature spider design paired with a high-temp coil along with premium stitched wire and highly competitive cone. These features work in complete tandem to produce one of the most preferred and loved the audio performance.

It is equipped with a heavy duty double stack magnet which enables the smooth coil movement which improves the precise sound response. The magnet is arranged in the most effective way with the other relevant features to ensure loudest sound and premium bass.


  • Produces deep and punchy bass
  • Remains cool even at higher power
  • Strong voice coil withstands extreme performance conditions


  • Has a low sensitivity
  • Difficult to install
  • Maybe too loud for sound enthusiasts

Verdict: If you want your car to turn into a bass powerhouse just pick EVL 12 D2 without giving it a second thought.

If you have used these smaller ones in the past, now is the time to graduate to the bigger and better subwoofers which cover a larger scale, heavier bass and just best quality sound you always dreamt about. 

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